Mission & History


At Just Off Broadway, our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive cultural hub where top-quality entertainment meets affordability, providing an enriching experience for everyone involved, both on and off the stage. We are committed to curating exceptional theatrical productions that captivate and inspire diverse audiences, fostering a sense of community and shared appreciation for the performing arts. By prioritizing accessibility without compromising excellence, we aim to make the magic of live theatre accessible to all, nurturing talent, creativity, and a love for the performing arts in every individual. Join us in celebrating the transformative power of theatre, where the spotlight shines not only on our performers but on the entire community, creating lasting memories and fostering a lifelong love for the arts.


In 2011, after working on numerous productions at various theatre companies, a handful of theatre friends put their heads together to form a new community theatre and Just Off Broadway was formed. The five founders wanted to create a company that is fair and balanced, welcoming new actors, directors, and techies with every production in which everyone gets a fair shot. If an actor wanted to try his or her hand at the technical theatre on on the production side, or if a techie wanted to try his or her hand onstage, Just Off Broadway would be the place to try new theatrical endeavors! No experience would be necessary as long as you are open and willing to learn!

Next, they needed a space to create theatrical magic and Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church came to the rescue. One of the founders has a grandmother who is in the parish and she suggested the use of the stage in their community hall. The group went to check out the space and saw that it would be a perfect fit for what they were trying to accomplish and, with the welcome and open arms of the very generous folks at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran, plans began for their first production, an original revue of Broadway songs called Give My Regards… It just so happens, the pastor of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pastor Arwyn Gohl, is marred to the pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church, Pastor Bill Gohl, and Bill saw the good work and effort the group was putting into their productions and graciously suggested they check out the stage in the community hall of Epiphany Lutheran Church. When the group saw this space and the welcoming support of Epiphany Lutheran, it was almost instantly settled. They would be able to produce two shows a year at the two spaces and spread the joy of theatre. It was just natural that non-musicals would be produced at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran while the musicals would be produced at Epiphany Lutheran and that’s the way it’s been ever since.

Just Off Broadway has managed to successfully mount many shows in the last few years since their inception and plan to produce many more and we appreciate all the support from both Jerusalem Evangelical and Epiphany as well as the communities in which these churches service.