Epiphany Lutheran Church & Vicinity

From the Epiphany Lutheran Church website:

The history of Epiphany begins with the gathering of faith-filled friends in the hay barn on the property of Annie and Frederick Powell with a newly ordained mission developer, the Rev. Frederick Hightman, in April of 1908. An improvised altar and pulpit, an old reed organ, borrowed hymnals and a warm spirit permeated the gathering which would mark the beginning of over a hundred years of faithful ministry in a special corner of the Kingdom at the northeast corner of Baltimore City. Originally called Grace Church, Epiphany shares its founding and founder with our sisters and brothers at St. John’s Church, Pimlico, which Pastor Hightman raced off to organize as people dispersed from the hay barn into mission… Read More

About the Cedmont Neighborhood:

Cedmont is a strong, middle class neighborhood located in northeastern Baltimore bordering the county. The area is a quiet, friendly neighborhood with a suburban feel. The neighborhood boasts large, reasonably priced historic homes with big yards and low crime rates which makes the neighborhood very attractive to families. Cedmont has a very active community association that organizes weekly Citizens on Patrol rides and works closely with area businesses and their county neighbors to keep the neighborhood strong and family-friendly. Another major organizing partner in the neighborhood is Epiphany Lutheran church. This church organizes community events, like the annual Flower Mart, Flea Market and Craft show held in May. Epiphany Lutheran also allows its space to be used for the City Neighborhood Charter School. Commuting is easy with convenient access to I-695 and I-95.The ongoing revitalization of Belair Road.

About the Overlea Neighborhood:

Overlea is a small community tucked into the Northeast corner of Baltimore City, situated on rolling hills with overlook views. The neighborhood association’s boundaries also extend into the County. Many charming Victorian single- and multi-family homes with large yards make up this wooded and peaceful neighborhood. Keyes Field Park offers baseball fields and tennis courts for recreation; Harford Road and Belair Road offer easy access to both Baltimore City and County. Overlea is home to The Maryland School for the Blind’s large campus.