2018 Season




by David Rimmer

May 18-21

Dear Friends Cast

Kate Forton as Teacher

Stephanie Shade as Doctor

Brad Angst as Fireman

Crystal Sewell as Pilot (Suzanne)

Katarina Lezaja as Stepdaughter (Sarah)

Mike Mathis as Oklahoma (Jed)

Malissa Cruz Romero as Caregiver

Patrick Jay Golden as Duff

Tina James as Newsgirl (Devon)

Jenifer Hollett as Julia

Jonathan Simmons as Plane Guy

Rachel Blizzard as Babysitter

Jason Crawford Samios-Uy as Vigil (Steven)

Rob Wall as Detective

Andrea Bush as Mary

New York Production Crew

Director – Stacey Shade-Ware; Set Design – Stacey Shade-Ware; Technical Director – Mike Mathis; Lighting Design – Stacey Shade-Ware, Jason Crawford Samios-Uy, and Patrick Jay Golden; Sound Design – Stacey Shade-Ware and Jason Crawford Samios-Uy; Costume Design – Cast; Properties – Jason Crawford Samios-Uy and Patrick Jay Golden; Sound and Light Board Operator – Jason Crawford Samios-Uy and Patrick Jay Golden; Ticket and Program Design – Jason Crawford Samios-Uy; Ticket and Concessions Sales – Patricia Samios-Uy and Karen Samios-Uy; Produced by Just Off Broadway

FALL 2018


Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Lyrics by Tim Rice

October 12-14 & 19-21

Jesus Christ Superstar Cast

Jesus of Nazareth – Luis “Matty” Montes

Judas Iscariot – Jim Gerhardt

Mary Magdalene – Jennifer Lutz

King Herod – Atticus Emerson

Caiaphas – Chris Thomas

Annas – Dave Gerstmyer

Pontius Pilate – Mike Zellhofer

Peter – Jeff Baker

Simon Zealots – Josh Leach

Priest – Nick Ruth

Priest – Randall Noppinger

Priest – Lee Knox

Soul Girls – Tracy Dye, Darlene Gerstmyer, Tammy Kaskel, Elton Knupp, Sarah Krieger, Sarah O’Hara

Slasher – Katie Gerstmyer

Ensemble – Jeff Baker, Jim Driver, Kat Duque, Tracy Dye, Atticus Emerson, Darlene Gerstmyer, Dave Gerstmyer, Arwyn Gohl, Joyanne Gohl, Grace Kaskel, Tammy Kaskel, Lee Knox, Allie Knupp, Elton Knupp, Sarah Krieger, Josh Leach, Randall Noppinger, sarah O’Hara, Grace Ritter, Nick Ruth, Terry Smyth

Jesus Christ Superstar Orchestra

Piano/Conductor – Patty Delisle

Guitar – Jim Stewart

Bass Guitar – Bob Delisle

Reeds – Darwin Ray

Drums/Percussion – Chip Traub

Jesus Christ Superstar Production Team

Co-Directors – Jason Crawford Samios-Uy & Patrick Jay Golden

Music Director – Patty Delisle

Choreographer – Katie Gerstmyer

Set Design – Theresa Bonvegna

Technical Director – Mike Mathis

Lighting Design – Jim Shomo

Sound Design – Jason Crawford Samios-Uy & Patrick Jay Golden

Costume Design – Elton Knupp, Tina James, Cast

Props – Jason Crawford Samios-Uy & Patrick Jay Golden

Set Construction – Mike Mathis, Theresa Bonvegna, Jason Crawford Samios-Uy, Patrick Jay Golden, Sophia Kaskel, Grace Kaskel, Allie Knupp

Sound Board Operator – Patrick Jay Golden

Light Board Operator – Andrew Vida

Ticket Sales & Concessions – Patricia Samios-Uy & Karen Samios-Uy